Booking & Rate Info


$425 (30 minute show package, on a stage, 2+ microphone set-up required)
$325/One Hour, Roving (roving a large or small gathering, entertaining pockets of people throughout venue, singing a cappella)
$300/Hour (roving, 2+ hour booking)
$300 (a short, 12-15 minute package, 3-4 songs) 

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7 thoughts on “Booking & Rate Info

  1. Hi Phillip, I’ve been looking for something special for my dads 70th Birthday Celebration coming up in October and I think I found it here as I browsed online and found your Amazing A Capella quartet! I would like to know if your group would be available on Oct 5th. We r finalizing our venue this wk and time of either a lunch from 11:00-2:00 or 5:00-8:00. And was interested in having a surprise appearance from you to perform as part of your $300 package- 12-15min (3-4 songs). Please feel free to also contact me by phone@ 265-1224. Much Aloha, Holly 🙂

    • Hi Holly,
      Thanks for finding us, and for your consideration in using the quartet for your father’s party.
      Let me check with my group on our availability October 5th.
      If you could, let us know as soon as you can regarding the time you finalize for that date, as that will factor in our availability.

      Ph!l Wee
      Resonance Quartet

      • Hi Phil:), sorry I just got a chance to chk your response. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly regarding my dads 70th surprise party! 🙂 I am still working out the plans to secure our venue as we had to make a few changes. I’m hoping to still keep it a lunch on Oct 5th from 10:30-1:00 and was hoping to have your group surprise my dad after lunch around 1230/45 jus to give u an idea. I will keep u posted as I hope to finalize the place soon! Thank you so much for your time Phil! 🙂 Hoping things will work out! Much Aloha, Holly:)

  2. Hi Phil, it’s Holly Riemer. I am so sorry it took me awhile to figure out things with our party. My dads 70th Surprise Party is now set for Oct 12th@ 1030-1:30 for lunch. We will have it at Sam Sneeds Tavern “Seven Palms”- (Navy-Marine Golf Club). I was hoping to have you guys perform@1245 as a surprise to my dad rt after our slideshow and to mayb start us off singing Happy Birthday with our cake and continue on with a few more songs for your 12-15 min package. I am flexible with times and can rearrange things if necessary. Please lmk when u have a chance:) Feel free to call me directly@265-1224.
    Thank you so much for your time and patience! Hoping it’ll work out! 🙂 Aloha, Holly

  3. Phil, Bobby, Tim, and Jon:), Cant thank you enough for your truly Amazing voices!!!:) Thank you So much for being apart of my dads 70th Birthday celebration!! You really made it extra special for all of us!!:)…Especially my dad! He was so happy and had all of us talking about you guys! I will never forget how special today was!!:) Thank you for making it so memorable! 🙂 I wish you four all the best as you continue to wow so many!!:) Can’t wait to share it all with others about you four!! 🙂
    Much Aloha, Holly Riemer

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